I just finished a series of illustrations for a story about an orphaned cottontail bunny. The project inspired me to jump up at 5:00 every morning, knowing that I had a deadline. I made use of every available minute to create the artwork. I loved every minute of my time spent in my studio or free time at my desk at school between classes. Now that my finished project is at the printer, my mind is exploring endless possibilities for another artistic endeavor.

The World Wide Web

IMG_7974 (1)I am amazed at the number of people who have seen and purchased paintings from me, without me having to leave my studio. My normal schedule involves a route that could be covered by horse and buggy. I could even walk or run to the limited venues that I travel to on a regular basis. Call me lazy, but I don’t even have a real updated web-site. What I do have is Cactus Jack and Mesquite Joe. Their colorful internet presence  has generated sales all over the United States and as far as China, Italy, Hawaii and Canada.

You need not be a Texas Longhorn fan to appreciate the beauty of these handsome pasture ornaments.il_570xN.326662510

My early attempts at capturing their awesomeness were greatly admired, but strictly by me, my most loyal friends and my Mom.



It was exciting to sell these early paintings. They were a part of me. I viewed my limited but much appreciated supporters as individuals with exquisite taste in art. I know that if I visited their homes and hung out with them, we would have much in common.bluebonnets-pan-pastelssmall

I surmise that in addition to Fauve like colors, what these early renditions lacked was obviously the movie star presence of Cactus Jack and Mesquite Joe. Many years ago, they were a birthday gift to my husband and fellow ranch hand, Tom. 2A3CC4D5-B02B-42FA-9548-F09BC77770E0Their horns have continued to grow and they have provided us with years of entertainment and miles of footwork tracking them down when they tested the fence line.


We loved every minute of the adventures that these two led us on. They have no clue how many admirers they have all over the world. IMG_1667

As long as they have cattle cubes and lush pastures, they  are content to live long healthy lives on the ranch where the green grass grows.


I love art and I love to share art with my family, friends and my amazing students that trust me to inspire and nurture their love of art, as well. There comes a time in many artist’s lives when they lean towards creating art to please other people. Then at some point, some of us create art that people would want to buy. It is exciting to sell a work of art. My favorite paintings that I have created are admired mainly by me and a limited  group existing of those who dearly love me.

When someone suggested a certain style, like HA “whimsical” I thought, well , I can do “WHIMSICAL” and the critic was right, my paintings that I see as “TACKY” have sold…..

Molly Moo

IMG_6779I had a request to paint a dairy cow in the same style that my Longhorn paintings have been painted. I happen to find the perfect model ready to pose for cattle cubes. Her name is Molly and I am so happy that she was able to be my model. It was fun to create a totally different breed of cattle. The original is available as well as a limited edition of Museum Grade Archival Giclees. The original measures 16X20″. I can create a custom order in a larger size upon request.

I truly believe that people have gifts that they are born with. I also believe that “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. “IMG_7653.jpgThis artist has both qualities. With his background in photography as a business and a passion, he has been able to take the art world by storm. These paintings have all been created in the few short months that he has been inclined to pick up a paintbrush. He started out with acrylic paint and quickly switched to watercolor which has been a blast for him.IMG_7721I am only bragging because I share a studio with him. I give him a few tips and advice on techniques, but his natural sense of composition, color harmony and the value scale all lead him to captivating visions. Now I ask him for opinions and as always, he is spot on.IMG_7525.jpg


Jules the donkey is named after Julian Onderdonk, a famous Texas landscape painter. I am working on a series of paintings of donkeys and burros. They can be seen on my Etsy site. Click here to purchase Jules and other paintings.


We had a terrific opportunity to enjoy the company of a Texas roadrunner recently. Our friend, Bruce Deuley, from Comfort, in the Texas hill country, brought Buzzy an orphaned roadrunner out to spend the week end with us. We watched him as he learned to catch grasshoppers for the first time. I had plenty of time to bond with him and paint this picture! He has now been released back into the wild. I have an 11X14 ” limited edition print of this watercolor painting available through my Etsy web-site. I am donating 50% of my profits of this sale to Last Chance Forever.org. This bird sanctuary rescues and rehabilitates birds of prey, not roadrunners, but their work impacts the environment for all creatures, including  us. Click here to purchase my painting of Buzzy!!!!

I just started doing pet portrait commissions. My subjects include all animals. My oil paintings are realistic, but I love to do fun sketches, too.

I have pricing information on my Etsy web-site. Click here to go to Leicalady.etsy.com.

This is a silly little sketch that I did of the Pelicans in Rockport, Texas having fun…..

We are headed to the beach to do some plein air painting. This time, our Pomeranian is joining in the fun. So, that makes three dogs…..our Sheltie, our Australian Shepherd and the Pom….